Power outages are a way of life in South Florida.  While serious storms are certainly of concern, Florida is also known as the lightning capital of the world, and it takes its toll on us as well.  

Whether your goal is to protect your home and family’s security or the financial investment you have in your place of business, Cerrito Electric can help you achieve the ultimate in standby back-up power.

With our automatic transfer switches, your generator will power up within 1 minute of power loss.  When power is restored, it will reverse the process and power the unit down.  Additionally, there is an automatic disconnect for the safety of emergency personnel. 

Our motto is “Get it done right the first time”!  Although we try to properly educate our customers, this is not necessarily the norm in the industry.  We have taken over many jobs left in disarray by other contractors either because the work was never finished or it was completed without a permit.  Let us complete your work with no headaches.

Please view all the information we’ve listed here and let us know what questions you have and when we can get together to provide you a free site inspection and quote.

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